Jacie’s Books

Burning Love

Will a spark turn into a wildfire, or will their love go down in flames?

EZRA FIELDS IS A FIREFIGHTER AND SINGLE DAD. Spending his days fighting flames in Nashville, TN, his best nights are spent at home with his favorite girl—his daughter, Livie. With no time for distractions, he has no room in his life for other females—not even a sassy blonde-haired beauty and the first woman to spark his interest in years. Ezra doesn’t have the time to get involved. So, he walks away without getting her name, or giving his…



  • Firefighter
  • Single Dad
  • Second Chance

Love Ignited

Will the flying sparks set them on fire? Or will they incinerate everything in their path?

Firefighter Mason Porter is a playboy. That’s what everyone thinks, and he doesn’t bother to correct them. When his friend asks for a wingman on a night out, Mason is quick to agree. Little does he know, he will meet a gorgeous, intriguing woman who, in the blink of an eye or maybe a slip of the tongue, will become enemy number one. But for Mason, who’s to say all the fighting isn’t just foreplay?


  • Firefighter
  • Enemies-to-lovers
  • Surprise Baby

Simmering Love

A couch, a lie, and a Mafia problem. What could go wrong?

The day Ben Johnson decides to sell his couch is the day he gets a new roommate. Pepper is chatty, spunky, and nothing he is looking for but everything he might need. After all, his last roommate tried to drain him dry and is now involving him with possible Mafia characters. While spending time with Pepper, he realizes that not only has she moved into his apartment, but she seems to be moving into his heart as well…


  • Firefighter
  • Roommates
  • Suspense

An Aplaca for Christmas

Will alpacas bring them together, or will the generations-old rivalry between their families keep them apart?

What does an animal race through town have to do with the Christmas Festival? Milly Collins is about to find out, thanks to Evan MacAlister’s big, fat, sexy-as-sin mouth. Landing her dream—and much-needed—job as the Christmas Festival director, Milly is on cloud nine. Until Evan steps in as her co-director, and suddenly, she has to contend with someone else’s input. As a type A, always-in-control person, it’s less than ideal. But one look into his vibrant baby blues has her coming around. Or is it the sexual tension between them?


  • Romcom Novella
  • Holiday Themed
  • Alpacas!

King of Nothing

She’s the one thing he wants nothing—and everything—to do with.

I’m one of the kings at Almadale Prep. I act the part, put on the mask, do my duty. But lies and betrayal aren’t a game to me, no matter how well my fellow kings play. So, when Landry arrives, invading my life and my thoughts, I try to forget her. Forget her long brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and the patient way she breaks through my walls. She gets under my skin, but my secrets make wanting her impossible. My brothers hate her, and I should hate her too. She threatens everything I’ve been working toward.

In my world, it’s hard to become a king … but easy to fall off the throne…


  • Bully Academy
  • Step-Brother’s Best Friend
  • Mystery/Intrigue

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